Genelec Active Speaker Systems

Outstanding Performance for Commercial Installations

For 30 years Genelec has been setting the standard for accurate sound reproduction in recording studios and broadcast facilities around the world. Genelec pioneered the active loudspeaker concept in which integrated power amplifiers and active crossover circuitry are used to create sound that is accurate, powerful and low in distortion. In every Genelec system, each driver has its own matched power amplifier and precision electronic crossover.

Many important innovations make Genelec a natural choice for critical commercial installations. Our proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide™ provides broad and flat coverage with precise imaging in real rooms. Practical Room Response Controls optimize the loudspeaker’s tonal characteristics for any environment. Overload protection ensures reliability and 12 V contact closure allows for seamless integration with any house automation or AV-control system.

Genelec has models for various sized listening environments. All encompass the same positive attributes: neutrality of the sound, accuracy of the soundstage and unsurpassed reliability.
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